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CompTIA Network+ certification exam is one of the most popular networking certification exams that gauges a person’s ability to securely establish, maintain and troubleshoot the essential networks that businesses rely on. The CompTIA Network+ community is 500,000+ strong and growing every day at a rapid pace. The CompTIA Network+ is one such certification credential that can ignite your career to sky high, and our PDF Exam Dumps are designed to help you achieve just that.

Cert Empire is the premier and reliable provider of 100% accurate and valid CompTIA exam dumps. All our N10 008 exam dumps are verified by IT experts so that you always have valid N10-008 dumps. The exam questions for network+ n10-008 are unique and extracted from real N10 008 exam to help you practice in the best possible way. Cert Empire is a trusted brand that cares for your success in CompTIA Network+ N10 008 certification exam. CertEmpire’s pdf N10 008 practice questions prepare you in a way that you will pass on your first attempt and with minimal effort.

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About CompTIA network certification exam:

CompTIA n10 008 exam is one of the latest additions to CompTIA exams. The CompTIA network certification exam (N10-008) was introduced on September 15, 2021 when it replaced the older version of comptia network certification exam called N10-007.

Test Purpose:

This exam will certify the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to troubleshoot, configure, and manage common network devices; establish basic network connectivity; understand and maintain network documentation; identify network limitations and weaknesses; and implement network security, standards, and protocols. The candidate will have a basic understanding of enterprise technologies, including cloud and virtualization technologies

CompTIA N10 008 Exam Details:

Number of Questions: Maximum of 90

Types of questions: Multiple choice and performance-based

Length of test: 90 minutes

Recommended experience:

• CompTIA A+ Certified, or equivalent

• Minimum of 9 months of experience in network support or administration; or academic training

Passing score: 720 (on a scale of 100—900)

CompTIA n10 008 exam Requirements:

CompTIA Network+ candidates are recommended to have the following:

• CompTIA A+ certification or equivalent knowledge

• At least 9 to 12 months of work experience in IT networking

CompTIA n10 008 exam covers the following domains:

  1. Networking Fundamentals (24%)
  2. Network Implementations (19%)
  3. Network Operations (16%)
  4. Network Security (19%)
  5. Network Troubleshooting (22%)


Unlike the previous comptia network exam (n10 007), the newer version n10 008 exam has given more weightage to Network Fundamentals. The latest comptia n10 008 exam has also incorporated a newer domain called Network Implementation.

Here are some of the additions to the newest version of CompTIA Network+ (N10-008) as they relate to the exam domains:

  • Network architecture appears on the exam for the first time, including software-defined networking, ensuring that candidates understand network integrations and the cutting-edge technologies being used in deployments.
  • Emerging wireless standards and technologies are covered to allow business flexibility and maximum security when deploying networks.
  • Because constant access to both internal networks and SaaS applications drives productivity, network performance monitoring and high availability are covered as separate objectives.
  • Network security has been streamlined to focus on the critical aspects of hardening networks against malicious attacks and the secure execution of network deployments to protect against unintended data breaches.

Download exam objectives for CompTIA n10 008 exam.

CompTIA n10 008 Exam Format:

With the N10-008 exam format, all you need to do is concentrate and commit. It’s not difficult once it has been explained clearly enough!

The key for success in this situation would be a mental focus on your behalf because there are no tricky questions asked during these exams at all; they’re simply about knowing where certain information can be found within networking standards or best practices (which may change from time to time). A quick overview is in the following paragraph:

There are no more than 90 questions on the CompTIA Network+ exam.

Multiple-choice questions, drag-and-drop activities, and performance-based tasks make up the CompTIA Network+ test. There are single- and multiple-response questions. The performance-based items assess your ability to solve issues in a controlled setting.

When doing these tasks during the exam, keep in mind to manage your time carefully. The majority will display at the start of the exam, and you will not be able to view a clock while concentrating on the questions.

After passing the exam, you’ll be asked to complete an optional exit survey about your academic achievement and why you chose to get qualified. There will be roughly 12 multiple-choice questions in total.

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Take a leap of faith with our pdf N10-008 dumps and become CompTIA certified in 2023. If you have limited time for preparation, our pdf exam dumps can help you in less time. Thousands of people have already passed Network+ N10 008 certification exam with our authentic exam dumps in 2023. Your dream of getting CompTIA certified can be realized if you practice with the real exam questions.

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What Best Describes our N10 008 brain dumps?

Our n10 008 questions comes with self assessment features, to help you prepare for the final exam. We verify each and every N10-008 brain dump for its accuracy. A team of IT experts then writes logical and easily comprehendible answers to each of the questions. This explains a lot about the extent to which we go in order to provide you a seamless experience. Moreover, the braindumps are regularly updated and whenever there is an update on CompTIA syllabus, we incorporate that change in our N10 008 pdf dumps to keep all the questions fresh and to the point.

Maximum benefit in Minimum time:

The innovative Cert Empire’s CompTIA study guides and N10-008 certification exam questions are designed to help busy professionals prepare for any certification exam in days. Our exam questions and preparation material has easy information, which does not prove difficult at all – rather the opposite! With the latest 2023 questions answered by an expert team of certified teachers (and now topped off with some extra tips), passing certification tests is easier than ever before.

Your Success in CompTIA Network+ N10-008 is Our top priority and you can make your dream come true with N10-008 dumps.

We understand that passing the N10 008 certification exam is important to you, and we want to help you get there. You don’t have to waste time searching for the best  N10 008 exam questions website because we have everything that you need to pass your certification exam on your first attempt. We offer free pdf exam dumps, practice questions, and free demos to prepare you for the real certification exam.

Updated and authentic N10 008 Exam Dumps from CertEmpire.

Our Network+ N10 008 are updated every month to provide you the most authentic and up to date  N10-008 practice questions. Each of the exam dump has its valid answers verified by IT professionals and each exam question has detailed explanation so that you can easily understand the reasoning for each question.

We have a team of experts who carefully creates our exam questions to ensure that they are accurate and up-to-date. In addition, our N10 008 pdf dumps include questions that closely simulate those on the actual certification exam, so you can be sure you are prepared for the real thing. Moreover, our explanations will help you understand the concepts behind each question, so you can apply them in your own work.

We Promise:

·         To help you pass your CompTIA N10 008 on your first attempt;

·         To assist in the best possible way so that you can become successful;

·         To create opportunities for you to become certified CompTIA professional;

·         To answer all your questions so that you have the best customer experience.

·         To offer exam questions at a reasonable price so that everyone can take benefit from CompTIA N10 008 practice questions.

How to prepare for CompTIA Network+ N10 008 exam?

The key to success in N10 008 certification exam is smart work. You will need exam preparation material such as exam guides, video training, and practice tests. However, what stands out the most for CompTIA Network+ N10 008 preparation is mock tests made up of real exam questions. Simple mock tests can help, but it is exam questions that will really make the difference. Experts suggest that CompTIA Network+ dumps work the best for the N10-008 exam because simulated actual exam questions prepare you for the real exam. This enhances your muscle memory in solving similar questions, so after practicing with N10 008 practice tests, most of the solutions will be at your fingertips. The best way to solve these questions is by sitting in a calm environment so that you can emulate the real exam scenario. This will help you in the final exam. Remember not to cram the CompTIA exam questions, but use them to analyze what type of questions will there be in the actual exam. We wish you the best of luck with your N10-008 exam.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there free pdf exam dumps for CompTIA Network+ N10 008?

Absolutely, yes. However, we recommend that you buy it from the best exam dumps website. The quality of exam questions depends on the authenticity of a website – and no other website matches the good reputation that Cert Empire holds. It is because of the fact that we offer valid CompTIA Network certification exam CompTIA N10 008 braindumps which are proofread by our IT experts. This reduces the chances for errors and omissions and gives you the best exam dumps for N10 008.

Where can I get authentic N10 008 exam dumps?

There are not many websites providing accurate exam braindumps for CompTIA, but luckily for you, Cert Empire offers the latest CompTIA N10 008 pdf dumps. All that you need to do is click on download now and you can get the authentic N10-008 braindumps.

Are N10 008 practice tests enough for the preparation?

The answer to this question is both yes, and No. It really depends on you how you use our exam dumps. Sometimes the exam setters ask questions that are different from our exam dumps, however, the reasoning will always be from the CompTIA N10 008 pdf exam dumps that we provide. Therefore, if you practice these exam questions instead of cramming, your chances of passing the CompTIA Network exam N10 008 will become exponentially high, and you can easily pass on your first attempt.

What is the difference between network 007 and 008?

With the ever-changing nature of technology, CompTIA certifications are updated to keep up.

Here is a quick summary of the new exam and how it compares to older versions.

The new CompTIA Network+ (N10-008) exam emphasizes on basic networking equipment and methodologies.

The following are the additions to the CompTIA Network+ 008 Exam Domains and Objectives:

• For the first time, network architecture is on the exam.

• Emerging wireless protocols and technologies are addressed to provide optimum security and commercial flexibility.

• Internal networks and SaaS apps boost productivity, whereas network performance monitoring and high availability are independent goals.

• The focus of network security has been narrowed to the most important areas of protecting networks against malware activity.

• Virtualization – Cloud – IoT (internet of things) – 5G (cellular)

Although the changes to N10-008 are not too earth-shattering, it remains that about 20% of its content has changed. This new information can make up for a 15% error margin with 85 percent accuracy on test day which means you’re unlikely to reach higher than 75 or lower than 65 if prepared incorrectly!

You’re examining the most recent information rather than data that’s been published for the last four years; the IT sector evolves rapidly; contrast the identical thing from four years ago against the most newer model today.

What is N10-008?

The CompTIA Network+ certification is the only credential that identifies the exact abilities that network engineers generally require.

CompTIA Network+ equips applicants to manage networks on any system as a vendor-neutral networking certification. It gives you the foundation you need to work on networks whenever and wherever you want.

The CompTIA Network+ (N10-008) certification validates the expertise necessary to create organisation wired and wireless network systems, diagnose network speed issues, and strengthen networks against cyberattacks to eliminate data breaches.

How hard is it to pass the CompTIA Network+ exam?

Is CompTIA Network+ a difficult exam to pass? What makes it challenging? What are the roadblocks, and how can I get beyond them? You might be asking yourself all of these questions. To be honest, wrangling over these issues is entirely natural. So, in order to clear your mind, let’s look at some of the reasons why Network+ is challenging. Those who successfully pass the CompTIA Network+ exam are noted for their exceptional achievement. With enough effort and study, anyone can succeed in this challenging test!

To get started, understanding Network+ on your own is pretty challenging. This will take time and effort on your part. Furthermore, if you came from a non-IT background, the struggle becomes even tougher. As a result, while studying for the Network+ exam, make sure you have sufficient advice.

Following that, there is a large number of Network+ study material (Blogs, books, online courses) available for newbies on the internet. Some of them are excellent, while others are not. As a result, it is your responsibility to choose the best ones for you based on relevant facts.

Finally, the applicants place a greater emphasis on the depth of the nature of the content rather than the breadth of the topic matter, which frequently results in failure. It’s crucial to note that Network+ doesn’t assess your expertise in a specific area of networking; rather, it assesses your knowledge of networking basics across a wide range of topics. As a result, rather than delving into the specifics of each, it is essential to concentrate on addressing all of the issues first.

What is the current version of Network+?

With CompTIA’s rigorous update process, they make sure that the certification exam reflects current technology and industry standards. Specifically Network+ gets revised every three years to ensure there is no bias in their exams towards any one era or decade-old information!

Which edition should you take? The Network+ exam has two options, but don’t worry! They are both still available.

The first one is N10-007 which was released in March 2018 and will phase out by June 2023. On September 15 2021 there also came out an improved version called N10 -008 . This replacement for the older set of questions expires three years after its release date so make sure not miss your chance at achieving this skill-set boost today while skills like these last!!!!

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