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PL-300 Exam Dumps

Want to ace PL-300 Microsoft Power Bi Data Analyst Certification Exam? Cert Empire is just the right destination for you. Microsoft is one of the most powerful and renowned vendors for delivering recognized certifications. The Microsoft Power Bi Data Analyst is also one of the most famous and popular Microsoft Certification Exams.

PI-300 Microsoft Power Bi Data Analyst Certification Exam deals with the opportunity to learn about basic business intelligence concepts, data analysis techniques, and tools that can be used for building data models; visualization and


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What is PL-300 Microsoft Power Bi Data Analyst?

PL-300 Microsoft Power bi Data Analyst is someone who deals with increasing the company performance & maintain assets. The objective of this exam i.e., PL-300 is to make sure that you make all the excellent choices for data professionals. PL-300 is designed to demonstrate the maximum efficiency performance for the company’s assets, by using Power Bi Data Analyst handled by Data Analysts.

The PL-300 certification exam deals with all the features of designing and building scalable data models, and the transformation of clean data models with future advanced capabilities. Also, some of the topics of PL300 help evaluate a candidate’s in-depth knowledge about certain topics and trends.

Cert Empire exam topics help determine and learn exam topics thoroughly. Exam questions are prepared by keeping in mind these relevant topics that are beneficial for the actual exam. Each practice question with the correct answer presents a detailed explanation of the basic concepts of real Microsoft Power Bi Data Analyst.

What are the main responsibilities that are designated for Microsoft PL-300 Power bi Data Analyst Certified Personnel?

The Microsoft Power Bi Data Analyst Associate is designed for the following individuals:

The Power Bi Data Analyst’s prime responsibility is to connect key stakeholders across multiple industries to demonstrate the business requirements.

It also constructs data models using power bi-data analysis, but first, it cleans and transforms the data.

Power bi data analyst is also responsible for generating actionable insights by using authentic domain expertise and available data analysis.

Moreover, the Power Bi Data Analyst provides meaningful business value through understandable data visualizations through self-service analytics by deployment and configuration.

What are the Main Topics of PL-300 Microsoft Power bi-Data Analyst Examinations?

The PL-300 certification emphasizes the following topics for the real exam:

Prepare the Data:

This topic covers the insights of data from different data sources, changing the data source settings, and selecting a shared dataset by identifying and connecting.

Model the Data:

This topic deals with a Data Model Design, how to develop it, making necessary calculations by using DAX, and lastly, its optimized model performance.

Visualize and analyze the Data:

These topics demonstrate how to create reports and dashboards in the app workspace using power bi service, how to increase a report’s usability, and identify patterns and trends.

Deploy and Maintain Assets:

This topic deals with managing files and datasets and workspaces.

Microsoft PL-300 Exam Details; All the Valid information that you want to know:

PL-300 Exam Details for getting quick insights and understanding of the final exam.

Exam Name: Microsoft Certified – Microsoft Power Bi Data Analyst Associate.

Exam Code: PL-300

Vendor: Microsoft

Total no of questions: 40-60 questions

Examination Costs: $165

Type of Questions: Multiple Choice, build a list, and case studies.

Passing Score: 700

Exam Outline for Microsoft PL-300 Power Bi Data Analyst:

The actual examination includes 40 – 60 questions.

Total time duration provided in 180 minutes.

Type of questions that are included are multiple-choice, true/false, drag & drop

The Passing score is 700 out of 1000.

What is the worth of the PL-300 Microsoft Power Bi Data Analyst Certification Exam?

In today’s world PL-300 Exam is increasingly in demand in the IT industry Profession and this certification also attracts lots of better work opportunities for Power analysts.

Some of the benefits of PL-300 are listed below:

Being Microsoft Experts not only increases the pay scale of the individual but also helps them earn more than the average pay scale and if they work more on practical exposure or experience then they can surely earn much more.

Earning the PL-300 Certification Exam evaluates your knowledge about Power Bi knowledge and skills, also its expertise makes you a valuable asset for any company that you will be working for. It will increase the profit margin and business growth.

Moreover, it is also expected to work best in terms of job opportunities in the coming days when global business requirements will expand in the market.

The best part is that this certification Microsoft PL-300 Exam will make a huge difference in your career. It will prove like achieving a milestone by advancing working as a Power Bi Business analyst and senior business intelligence analyst.

This Certification also deals with the individuals who report the visual data model.

What is the prerequisite for Microsoft PL 300 Power Bi Data Exam?

Formally, Microsoft has not suggested any prerequisites, but mentioned below are some headings/areas; getting experienced in them would get beneficial.

Expertise in DAX; like power query and writing expression, model calculations, and advanced DAX for Microsoft Power bi desktop.

Information and understanding of Data Analysis and Visualization.

Experience with Data Concepts and app workspace

Experience in using relational and non-relational data in the cloud.

PL-300 Power bi Data Analyst Exam Validity and Renewal Procedures:

After getting Pl-300 Microsoft Certified, the credential will be valid for a year. To renew the certification the candidate must complete a free online Microsoft renewal assessment six months before the expiry date.

Why Choose Cert Empire PL-300 Power Bi Data Analyst Exam Dumps?

Cert Empire is a leading and outstanding provider of exam dumps for PL-300 and other Microsoft certifications. Exam questions are available

Reliable and Relevant Content with Correct Answer:

Cert Empire Exam dumps are made with all relevant and authentic exam questions. These questions provide complete practice and explanations provided with the correct selection and incorrect answers for understanding and learning. These practice dumps are verified by an expert panel that monitors these dumps effectively.

Transformed and Evaluated By Experts:

For PL 300 exam every question is evaluated by our team of expert that verifies every dump by themselves and also adds and subtracts the needed syllabus or changes. Our Dumps are available with the features of instant access and a fast download service. The exam dumps are authentic, reliable, and presented with the most relevant exam questions.

Ace your Actual Exam:

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Microsoft PL-300 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How do I pass the PL-300 exam with high scores?

Cert Empire Brain Dumps is the best to offer in every possible way, the quality, syllabus, and questions authenticity works wonders for every candidate who plans to give this exam. Our qualified panel also transforms and updates study dumps which gives you the higher chance to pass the exam effectively.

Where do I find the PL-300 exam questions?

You can find easily the Cert Empire Exam dumps just, they are available with instant access and a fast download feature that helps you to practice more. Also, a free update service for up to 6 months is available.

Do I need any experience before getting registered for the Microsoft PL 300 exam?

There are no strict prerequisites suggested by Microsoft but experience in a relevant field would be helpful. Like understanding DAX; sub-domains, and unnecessary rows. Information on Data Analysis and Visualization is also required.

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